Funky Furniture

This “vintage” bookshelf is a ghost of a traditional
Chippendale High Boy, while still keeping current
with the rage for silhouettes.

Suspended paint drip table defies gravity – or does it?
This table is to die for.

This funky chair is the perfect perch for your VIP guests.
In case you missed the 2000 World Expo, we’ve
found this lunar landing chair. Look closely and you’ll
see the felt like material doesn’t reach the ground.
Supported on wheels offers the hover craft spacey appeal.
Welcome to the future!

Wings dipped in silver – newer, slicker,
faster designs – think new iPad 2!

“Round the World” with a giant yo yo cocktail
from Mattia Bonetti.  Simplicity at its best.

European fantasy is what pops to mind. Note the minimal
details of the legs and the pouf cushion.
Jean Royère Quilles dressing table and stool, ca. 1956

Sheet metal compiles this locker cabinet. Great for a boy’s room
to stow away sports equipment; mitts, helmets, baseballs, etc…
And yes it stand upright!

This off-kilter console table has just the right about of tweak,
standing apart from conventional designs.
Composed of vertical bamboo.

Ever looking for a plunger?
Defy gravity with the rubber table,
a hip approach to an otherwise humble
household item.

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  1. diane says:

    Funky is right…love the armoire, not sure about the tables and chairs. fun to look at, though

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