Lush Velvets

Velvet is everywhere this fall, from the runway to the living room.
It’s sumptuous, sexy and dripping with decadence.
Here are some of our top picks.

This gold velvet sofa is glorious.
It looks so rich and regal.
The rest of the apartment is pretty fabulous.

Tie it all together with velvet ribbon.
We love using velvet to wrap floral bouquets.

Paired with a funky zebra-print rug,
this midnight-blue velvet sofa
looks uber-swanky.

Add delicious color to any room with
these gorgeous linen and velvet pillows.

These sky-high blue marl suede boots
from TopShop are serious showstoppers!

One of the lushest rooms at the
Gramercy Park Hotel in New York.
We want to take up permanent residence!

This lush, soft fabric from Maharam
comes in our favorite color, ‘Brazen’!

The cult-classic, Blue Velvet.
A David Lynch film from 1986.
Perfect for a cool fall evening.

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3 Responses to Lush Velvets

  1. Madina says:

    I immediately went to Topshop website to look for those boots and they are out of stock!
    Love everything else in the post too.

  2. imperio jp says:

    Martha Martha Martha – now this is a luscious and luxe post!! Brava!! Well done!

  3. The minute I saw “Lush Velvet” I knew there would be a blue velvet couch. Oh, how I love a blue velvet couch! And you picked a stunner!

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