Enjoying Buenos Aires

As I mentioned last week, I recently came back from a week-long excursion to my beloved hometown of Buenos Aires. I miss it already. Here are some insider tips for your next visit to the city of polo, tango, beef, Evita (and Malbec).

Even though the hot hood is Palermo due to its abundance of boutique hotels, restaurants and shops, I strongly recommend you find accommodations in Recoleta. Located closer to the heart of the city, Recoleta has the architectural charm and café culture that typifies Buenos Aires. From there you can walk to most of the city’s highlights and it’s safe to wander through its streets way into the night. It is not rare that dinner is followed by an espresso and an hour-long conversation so if you want to walk to your hotel at midnight this is your neighbourhood of choice.

While in Buenos Aires make sure you have tea at the Palacio Duhau, a true exemplar of the pomp and circumstance that surrounded elite life in turn of the century Buenos Aires. Most porteños still daydream about this long-gone opulence. A more reasonably priced menu can be found at Milion, a great place for cocktails or a glass of wine after a long day of shopping. Keep in mind it is winter down there now! If you’re lucky there will be a wood-burning fire waiting for you in the main reception hall.

I should be recommending the district of San Telmo due to its cultural connection to tango and its nostalgic aesthetic. To be honest, it’s not my cup of tea. I’d rather visit Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) followed by a steak dinner at Miranda and bust a move at Jet or Tequila (the latter being sort of a pain in the butt to get past the bouncer but it’s not mission impossible).

While in Palermo make sure you stop by Elementos Argentinos, a super chic store specialized in hand-woven sustainable textiles in fun poppy colors and patterns that make for great gifts. When it comes to Argentinean craftsmanship stop by Aire del Sur: exquisite silverware with a modern flair that will knock the socks off any newlywed couple.

Need to know more? I’m here, just ask.

Chin chin,

Duhau PalaceMilion


Jet / Tequila

Elementos Argentinos / Aire del Sur

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  1. Eche, thank you for this great visual glimpse of Buenos Aires. Nice selection of places; looking forward visiting them all soon!

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