Miami Vice

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Is it really a “vice” or just an intense fever brought on by the excitement of it all? Tough to say unless you’re privy to my bank statement. I’m back from Miami and sustaining the high with some exciting client projects that have my creative juices flowing.

Art Basel was its typically wonderful self. This year, I could not stop staring at this display of wallpaper as art. Why yes that is an interior designer’s dream! One could not miss these vivid lacquer wall hangings in red and black. Who says that Radiant Orchid is the only color of the year? Last but certainly not least, these marble cutouts would punctuate any room with that something interesting that every designer seeks to find.

Until next year, I bid adieu to my special place in the sun.


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One Response to Miami Vice

  1. Kim Jordon says:

    Wasn’t it wonderful?! Sorry I missed you there. Happy holidays!

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