Art Basel Lovefest

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It’s tough for me not to love Art Basel. There are few places that I would rather be than the epicenter of contemporary art. The fact that it goes down in Miami is simply the gooey icing on a rather divine cake. This year did not disappoint. It’s easier to ask me to pick my favorite child (Malcolm, it’s you) than to pick my favorite artwork but I will give it a try.

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Improved Pointless Payne’s Gray by Jan Maarten Vaskail could hang in many a client’s home. I would take it in mine too.

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Split Rocker is pure Jeff Koons.

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The Cumbrian Blue(s) series by Paul Scott stopped me in my tracks for its unexpected reinterpretation of a classic piece.

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Last but certainly not least, who doesn’t imagine twerking down the Mississippi with this cheery crew? Thanks Shawn Huckins for making me laugh.


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