FOG Design + Art 2017

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Last night a few of the ladies from the office and I attended the awe-inspiring fog fair opening gala.  Imagine being greeting at the entry by a dramatic 20-foot tall wall of roses  (thank you, stanlee Gatti).  Once inside Fort Mason, the creativity overflowed with displays from some of world’s finest galleries.

Some of our favorites included:

Knockout chairs from New York’s Friedman Benda gallery.  One chair resembled a furry cumulus cloud and the other might be mistaken for a neon green mollusk.  Both were divine.

Flowers in a bicycle basket by the Chinese contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei.  We love him!

“Untitled Blu Monochrome” by Yves Klein and from one of my favorite galleries,  Levy Gorvy.

Sculptures from LeBreton Gallery.

p.s. The dessert bar was also a crowd-pleaser.

The show ends on Sunday, so there is still plenty of time to be inspired.   All proceeds benefit the SF MOMA.


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