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Sometimes it takes just a few small changes to transform a room.  I have always used white sheets, but recently I swapped them for ones that are bright orange and hot pink.  I placed a YSL hot pink book on the bedside table, added a Warhol flower print over the bed in hot pink and purple.  Presto, I now have a guest room that makes me smile every time I’m in it!

Our design director, Katie, likes adding something with character or history to a room–something you love which isn’t out of a catalogue. It could be a sculpture that speaks to you, an antique or even something slightly quirky.

Senior Designer, Ericka, loves to shop the Alameda Flea Market for silver bowls to hold jewelry or julep cups for makeup brushes.  These touches add personality to keeping things organized.

Everyone agrees that the simplest way to spruce of a room is with fresh flowers.  Whether you venture to the flower market or add some to your basket at Whole Foods, flowers bring a fresh punch to any space.


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