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Invisible Gems

Transparency is the new black. Well, not entirely but I do love a touch of glass or lucite in a room. These invisible gems impart a modern jolt to even the most traditional of spaces. Think sexy and subtle. A … Continue reading

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Before and After

One of the best parts about my job is seeing how people respond to their new home. The goal is to make them feel giddy if not euphorically happy with the outcome. We often snap before shots to record what … Continue reading

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Working 9 to 5

Let’s get real. Does anyone really work 9 to 5 anymore? I doubt it. No matter where you toil, everyone deserves a beautiful space in which to burn the midnight oil. Accessories are key to having a functional, comfortable and … Continue reading

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Mad About Malachite

I find that some of the most stunning rooms are entirely simple with one notably eye-catching piece. In the case of one client, we wanted to bring a touch of natural elegance to an otherwise contemporary home office. This came … Continue reading

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Playing Favorites

I try very hard not to play favorites but sometimes it’s impossible. I can’t get enough of enameled French lava stone. It shows up time and time again in my clients’ homes, although never exactly the same way twice. Why … Continue reading

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Year of the Horse

With the year of the horse looming, I have noticed an uptick in equestrian-themed design ideas circulating on various blogs. While we generally eschew the hunter green and crimson approach to horsey living, we’re not ones to throw the baby … Continue reading

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Radiant Orchid

I always get a kick out of the pantone of the year. This year it’s number 18-3224, also known as Radiant Orchid. I certainly don’t live and die by these things, but it’s tough to discount the fun factor. I’m … Continue reading

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Gift Picks

We recently went around the office asking everyone what they were lusting after this holiday season. All bets were off, but we asked people to dig deep and think in a purely material way. The wish could not be for … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgivinkkah!

In case you hadn’t heard (and I feel quite certain you have) Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah coincide this year. Our friends at Hudson Grace helped us pull together this simple blue and white place setting in honor … Continue reading

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Countdown to T-Day

The clock is t-t-ticking and the countdown to Thanksgiving is officially underway.  We recently stopped by to visit with our friends at Hudson Grace who are experts at the art of setting the table for any and every occasion.  If … Continue reading

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