A Night at the Museum

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It only happens every other year and 2014 is one of those years when the city turns up the volume on fabulousness at the SF MOMA’s Modern Ball. It is all going down this Wednesday, April 30th and as far as I know there are still tickets to be had (in case your invitation got lost in the mail. Naturally, you might wonder where exactly this ball is to take place given the current state of our beloved museum. Fret not as Stanlee Gatti will transform Yerba Buena Gardens into a festival for the eyes. As an aside, the people watching is always spectacular.



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A San Francisco Springtime Tradition


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Spring has sprung in San Francisco and that means it’s Decorator Showcase time. We were allowed a sneak peek at 3660 Jackson Street during press day and it did not disappoint. As usual, it’s a talented lot of designers. Antonio Martins’ master bedroom (with the spectacular ‘azulejos’ painted by Katherine Jacobus and Linda Horning) and Geoffrey De Sousa’s library left us quite smitten and we’ll admit that we took a few notes.

San Francisco Decorator Showcase will run from April 26th-May 26th and all proceeds benefit University High School’s financial aid program. Be prepared to get inspired!

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The Living Room Scale

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I recently finished reading Class (1992). It’s a witty commentary about social status in the U.S. as told through the eyes of American historian Paul Fussell. Not surprisingly, my favorite part was the “Living Room Scale.” Oh, dare I say that it still applies today. Of course, I took it to see how I fared. Take a try for yourself. It might even make you laugh.

Begin with a score of 100. For each of the following in your living room (or those of friends or acquaintances) add or subtract points as indicated. Then ascertain social class according to the table at the end.

Hardwood floors (add 4)

Parquet floor (add 8)

Stone floor (add 4)

Vinyl floor (subtract 6)

Wall-to-wall carpet (add 2)

Working fireplace (add 4)

New Oriental rug or carpet (subtract 2 – each)

Worn Oriental rug or carpet (add 5 – each)

Threadbare rug or carpet (add 8 – each)

Ceiling ten feet high, or higher (add 6)

Original paintings by internationally recognized practitioners (add 8 – each)

Original drawings or prints by internationally recognized practitioners (add 5 – each)

Reproductions of any Picasso painting, print or anything (subtract 2 – each)

Original paintings, drawings, or prints by family members ( subtract 4 – each)

Windows curtained, rods and draw cords (add 5)

Windows curtained, no rods or draw cords (add 2)

Genuine Tiffany lamp (add 3)

Reproduction Tiffany lamp (subtract 4)

Any work of art depicting cowboys (subtract 3)

‘Professional’ oil portrait of any member of the household (subtract 3)

Any display of ‘collectibles’ (subtract 4)

Transparent plastic covers on furniture (subtract 6)

Furniture upholstered with any metallic threads (subtract 3)

Cellophane on any lampshade (subtract 4)

No ashtrays (subtract 2)

Refrigerator, washing machine, or clothes dryer in living room (subtract 6)

Motorcycle kept in living room (subtract 10)

Periodicals visible, laid out flat:

National Enquirer (subtract 6)

Popular Mechanics (subtract 5)

Reader’s Digest (subtract 3)

National Geographic (subtract 2)

Smithsonian (subtract 1)

Scientific American (subtract 1)

New Yorker (add 1)

Town and Country (add 2)

New York Review of Books (add 5)

Times Literary Supplement – London (add 5)

Paris Match (add 6)

Hudson Review (add 8)

Each family photograph – black and white (subtract 2)

Each family photograph – color (subtract 3)

Each family photograph in sterling-silver frame (add 3)

Potted citrus tree with midget fruit growing (add 8)

Potted palm tree (add 5)

Bowling-ball carrier (subtract 6)

Fishbowl or aquarium (subtract 4)

Fringe on any upholstered furniture (subtract 4)

Identifying Naugahyde aping anything customarily made of leather (subtract 3)

Wooden Venetian blinds (subtract 2)

Metal Venetian blinds (subtract 4)

Tabletop obelisk of marble, glass, etc. (add 9)

No periodicals visible (subtract 5)

Fewer than five pictures on walls (subtract 5)

Each piece of furniture over 50 years old (add 2)

Bookcase(s) partially full of books (add 5)

Overflow books stacked on floor, chairs, etc. (add 6)

Hutch bookcase “wall system” displaying no books (subtract 4)

Wall unit with built-in TV (subtract 4)

On coffee table, container of matchbooks from funny or anomalous places (add 1)

Works of sculpture – original and not made by householder/family member (add 4 – each)

Works of sculpture made householder/family member (subtract 5 -each)

Every item alluding specifically to the UK (add 1)

Any item alluding, even remotely, to Tutankhamen (subtract 4)

Each framed certificate, diploma or testimonial (subtract 2)

Each ‘laminated’ ditto (subtract 3)

Each item with a ‘tortoiseshell’ finish, if only made of Formica (add 1)

Each ‘Eames Chair’ (subtract 2)

Anything displaying the name or initials of anyone in the household (subtract 4)

Curved moldings visible anywhere in the room (add 5)

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245 and above (Upper Class)

185 – 244 (Upper Middle)

100 – 184 (Middle)

50 – 99 (High Prole)

Below 50 (Mid or Low Prole)


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Art Friday │ Maciej Ratajski

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“The Meaning of a Word is its Use in the Language” Maciej Ratajski

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The New Kid in Town

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Oh it’s true, I am a bookworm and some might even call me a magazine junkie! I absolutely adore a good read. As we have all sadly watched many of our beloved design publications go the way of the buffalo, it is utterly refreshing to report the debut of a new kid in town. The premier issue of SFC&G (San Francisco Cottages & Gardens) has arrived! It’s a stunner and we certainly hope she’ll stay a while.


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Invisible Gems

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Transparency is the new black. Well, not entirely but I do love a touch of glass or lucite in a room. These invisible gems impart a modern jolt to even the most traditional of spaces. Think sexy and subtle. A little goes a long way. We’re loving:

These places to perch:

Lucite Zig-Zag Chair

Veronica Acrylic Chair

Tokujin Yoshioka Bench

And from the Queen of Clear, HRH AVF:

Brilliant Acrylic Console

Cotton Candy Pink Bowl


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How can I possibly resist a site with a name like Chairish and a tagline that beckons me to buy, sell and adore? Why yes, I’ll take all three pu-lease! If you haven’t heard, Chairish in an online home consignment shop that is as fun as it is convenient. It is delightfully curated, so there’s no need to wade through loads of junk (exhausting).

We recently designed six rooms with merchandise all hand-picked from the site. We’re tickled pink with the outcome. Take a look for yourself.



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We recently ran across a fantastic artist named Stuart Hogarth. Not only is he immensely talented, but his works have a playful and somewhat irreverent spirit about them which makes them even more endearing. He turns everyday unadorned objects into something awe-inspiring. For example, his “Sharp Project” features confiscated items from British Airway flights and his “Spectacles Chandeliers” are literally composed of hundreds of pairs of glasses. Nothing is mass produced. It’s honest to goodness small batch art.


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Before and After

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One of the best parts about my job is seeing how people respond to their new home. The goal is to make them feel giddy if not euphorically happy with the outcome. We often snap before shots to record what was and then the after shots to detail the new. Here’s a recent project that we completed in Russian Hill, both before and after. Enjoy!


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Working 9 to 5

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Let’s get real. Does anyone really work 9 to 5 anymore? I doubt it. No matter where you toil, everyone deserves a beautiful space in which to burn the midnight oil. Accessories are key to having a functional, comfortable and dare I say inspirational workplace. Here are some items we spied around our office that we can’t help but share.

A mint julep cup with bright flowers.

“Baies” candle from the Parisian scent-master, Diptyque.

This significant stapler sourced through Barney’s.

Fun colored your way by Poppin.

Any mistake won’t seem so bad with these striped and polka dotted erasers.


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