Playing Favorites

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I try very hard not to play favorites but sometimes it’s impossible. I can’t get enough of enameled French lava stone. It shows up time and time again in my clients’ homes, although never exactly the same way twice. Why the love affair? Well, beyond the fact that it is gorgeous and available in a spectrum of colors from vivid to more demure, it is virtually indestructible whether placed indoors or out. The stone comes out of quarries in Volvic, France. If you get it from anywhere else, it is not the real deal. It is then glazed and kiln fired to produce the most sensational crackled finish. The result is magnifique!




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Year of the Horse

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With the year of the horse looming, I have noticed an uptick in equestrian-themed design ideas circulating on various blogs. While we generally eschew the hunter green and crimson approach to horsey living, we’re not ones to throw the baby out with the bath water.

For the crafter in all of us, take a look at this Sam Ita horse produced by d-torso. They even offer a life-size version in their showroom. Jonathan Adler always knows how to up the ante in any man cave with his ceramic horse lamp. For those who are inclined to making bold impressions, this Black Stallion wowza will do the trick. And from the arbiter of all things chic, Hermès offers a race-inspired candle, which in my opinion would look even better when lit while wearing this charmer.


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FOG Art + Design

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I’m sorry to be rather this brief this week but it’s busy. I know what you’re thinking because I feel exactly the same way. Busy is one over-worked word these days. All that chatter aside, I want to make sure you know about FOG Design & Art. It’s happening this week at Fort Mason. Here’s a peek at the exhibitors. It’s educational, inspirational, and the topper is that it benefits our beloved SF MoMA.



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Radiant Orchid

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I always get a kick out of the pantone of the year. This year it’s number 18-3224, also known as Radiant Orchid. I certainly don’t live and die by these things, but it’s tough to discount the fun factor. I’m a fan of this year’s choice and promise that a splash here and a dollop there will be just as timely in 2015.

Feast your eyes on this Helen Frankenthaler print appropriately entitled Lilac Sweep.

We might just have to adopt this pair of murano glass lamps from 1st Dibs.

Jonathan Adler does it again with his Bel-Air Gorge vase. It’s gorge as in gorgeous!

The picture doesn’t even begin to do this Fortuny fabric justice. It’s called Vivaldi and will be absolutely glorious all four seasons.

Happy New Year!


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Design Resolutions

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Although we might not always keep them, we need to make them. Resolutions give all of us that extra sense of direction heading into a new year. This year, everyone on the Martha Angus team shared their personal design resolution with the hope that we can support each other with these goals. 2014 is the year!


Marli is ready to make that pilgrimage to Art Basel.


Katie hopes to integrate more antiques into her projects.


Eche wants to scavenge locally more for vintage treasures.


Ericka seeks to refine her flower arranging skills.


Emily would like to see one of her product designs published in a magazine.


Sarah hopes to expand her knowledge of contemporary artists.


My resolution is to use wallpaper with abandon, especially ones with lots of personality. Think Flavor Paper, Studio Printworks, Maharam digital papers. I simply can’t wait!


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Gift Picks

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We recently went around the office asking everyone what they were lusting after this holiday season. All bets were off, but we asked people to dig deep and think in a purely material way. The wish could not be for world peace or an end to poverty, although wouldn’t that be the best gift of all.

Marli, a fashionista at heart, has been eying this Hermes orange clutch and hopes it might be paired with one of Tom Ford’s delicious lipstick hues. How yummy!

Eche is in a playful mood and hoping for a set of Visionaire No. 50 toys.

Katie smells pleasure in the form of this divine Fornasetti Architettura candle.

Ericka has been struck by the “chicklet” prints I created for our meeting room. I’m honored.

Emily is having sweet thoughts about this AVF candy dish.

Sarah wonders if a Ray Charles White might enliven one of her many blank walls.

And I can not stop dreaming about these absurdly cool plates by Cindy Sherman in the manner of Madame de Pompadour.


Get gifting!



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A Sip to Savor

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As you may have heard, we at Martha Angus aren’t ones to shy away from a little cocktailing every now and then. We’re all drawn to beautiful things (shocker!) and finding the perfect glassware is as essential as what goes inside.

Here are some of our favorite cocktail-glassware pairings.

Katie likes nothing more than a classic Manhattan sipped slowly in this gold leaf and glass beauty.

Eche prefers Makers Mark with a splash of soda and pineapple juice, preferably served in Nason Moretti’s “The Dandy.”

Marli savors Ginger Sage Prosecco cocktails served in these champagne bubbles glasses.

Ericka will take a champagne cocktail any day of the week and adores the old-world charm of these rosy-cheeked coupes.

Emily craves a Cranberrytini wildly shaken then poured into these divine martini glasses.

Sarah has the islands on her mind and is dreaming of his and hers Dark and Stormies served in these shimmery copper mugs.

Me, why I adore nothing more than a Kir Royale but with a Martha twist. Substitute prosecco for champagne and skip the flutes. These tumbler treasures are pure bubbly fun.

Now, get pouring!


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Miami Vice

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Is it really a “vice” or just an intense fever brought on by the excitement of it all? Tough to say unless you’re privy to my bank statement. I’m back from Miami and sustaining the high with some exciting client projects that have my creative juices flowing.

Art Basel was its typically wonderful self. This year, I could not stop staring at this display of wallpaper as art. Why yes that is an interior designer’s dream! One could not miss these vivid lacquer wall hangings in red and black. Who says that Radiant Orchid is the only color of the year? Last but certainly not least, these marble cutouts would punctuate any room with that something interesting that every designer seeks to find.

Until next year, I bid adieu to my special place in the sun.


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Giddy in Miami

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I love this time of year. It’s not so much about the holidays, although they’re fun too, but Design Miami along with Art Basel Miami are my raison d’etre. The vibe is pure electricity as I dart from exhibit to exhibit lapping it all in like some thirsty creature. It’s all happening now through December 8th.

In case you can’t hop the next plane to Miami, here are a few of my favorites so far. Of course the list is growing by the minute so hang tight for further updates.

I urge you to take a seat in this cast bronze marvel or the appropriately named Growth Chair. You might want to skip the storage and simply stare at this metal and glass tube cabinet. Feast your eyes on this fabulous blue porcelain bowl–wow!

I am happy to report that art and design are not only alive and well, but they are thriving (phew!).


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Happy Thanksgivinkkah!

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In case you hadn’t heard (and I feel quite certain you have) Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah coincide this year. Our friends at Hudson Grace helped us pull together this simple blue and white place setting in honor of the occasion. We’re especially wild about the tureen (note to self: it’s hostess gift perfection). For our Jewish friends, we hope you indulge in some turkey by the light of the menorah and and by all means double down on the fun.


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