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I am still in recovery mode after my favorite week of the year. Miami is always a vibrant city but last week its pulse felt even stronger. The city becomes an international mecca of creative types clamoring for inspiration. I for one was not disappointed. Design Miami showcases 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting and objets d’art and evolved alongside the better known Art Basel. Now feast your eyes on some of my favorite pieces from the show.


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Hello Kitty!

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Sometimes you run into something so beautifully kitschy that it’s unforgivable not to share. It’s tough not to love that happy feline Hello Kitty. Now the Line Hotel in L.A. celebrates the eight year-old in all of us with a suite devoted to all things H.K. (as in furry and feline). Perhaps that plush toy bedspread will show up under my Christmas tree. A girl can dream.



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Design Gratitude

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I asked the team what design trend they feel most thankful for this Thanksgiving. True to form, their answers were thoughtful, inspiring and definitely reflective of their personalities.

ECHE – Brutalism being back in fashion.

KATIE – Sculptural mirrors like those by Sam Orlando Miller.

ERICKA - David Hicks inspired products and interiors. They’re timeless.

JANE - Gold and brass objects. They bring warmth to any room.

As for me, I am immensely grateful for Perennials fabrics. I love using their outdoor fabrics in every room and best of all, I can now use white EVERYWHERE!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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One Talented Lady

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As you know, I adore art. I want to be stretched, moved and even provoked by what I see. That’s the point. Kenturah Davis’ new solo show at Papillion in Los Angeles succeeds at all three. Narratives and Meditations, inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein’s texts on language and Davis’ recent travels in Ghana, explores the personal and social role of language in our lives through portraiture.

Davis is no stranger to the hopping L.A. art scene and truly wows with the breadth of her endless energy and talent. She recently launched God Is Now, a repository of beautiful handmade garments and objects for sale. This woman must not sleep!


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This year I have the enormous honor of co-chairing San Francisco’s 30th anniversary DIFFA event, DIFFA Now. DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS is one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk. It’s amazing to think that we have been fighting this fight as an industry and a community for over thirty years. Thankfully, how far we have come.

Please Join Us:


Thursday, Nov. 20 | 6 PM – 10 PM




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Pop Art Underfoot

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It’s always fun to reveal projects that have been in the works. Earlier this month we celebrated the launch of some rather fun and fabulous (yes, I am bragging) carpets that are available through California Carpet. I love and collect Pop Art and it felt appropriate to follow my heart. This collection is a playful nod to my passion for all things Pop. Swirl around with “Liquefaction” or get gridlocked with “Eye Gotcha.” I like to think of it as walkable art.


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Gold Rush

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.06.22 PMWhile Giant’s fever sweeps over our city, there’s another show in town that merits celebration. This Wednesday night the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show opened with the Rush of Gold as its theme. The show will focus on the use of precious metals in art and antiques which certainly feels appropriate given San Francisco’s history as a gold rush boom town. Baseball and antiques, now that’s a winning combination.


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Vive la France

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La Biennale des Antiquaires recently wrapped up in Paris proving that there are so many reasons to love the City of Lights. The show was an assortment of the finest dealers from around the globe sparing no expense to display their wares. This year designer Jacques Grange styled the Grand Palais with luxurious touches like the perfumed fountain that greeted guests upon entry.

Two mid-century talents caught my eye. The first was this Cityscape sideboard by Paul Evans. Dining next to it would be like having a celebrity in the room.

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The second was this Wendell Castle sculpture. To call it sublime is sort of like calling the queen royal. I can’t stop staring at it!

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Art Silicon Valley / San Francisco

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Northern California is going to get a taste of Art Miami via the much anticipated Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco (Art SV/SF) running October 9-12 at the San Mateo County Event Center. You know how I am prone to wax poetic about Art Miami. It is only my most favorite event of the year! Art SV/SF features an assortment of international art galleries and art institutions. You’ll see emerging talent as well as names you know. Check it out!


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NYC Makers at MAD

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There’s still time to catch the tail-end of a rather important show at the Museum of Art + Design in New York. NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial features 100 makers (craftsman, artists, designers) all from New York City. The museum has been transformed into a studio of sorts with live programs and demonstrations reminding any naysayer out there that talented craftsmanship is alive and well.


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