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Working 9 to 5

Let’s get real. Does anyone really work 9 to 5 anymore? I doubt it. No matter where you toil, everyone deserves a beautiful space in which to burn the midnight oil. Accessories are key to having a functional, comfortable and … Continue reading

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Modernism in Palm Springs

Modernism Week is in full swing in Palm Springs. It’s a delightful celebration of all things mid-century from architecture to design, culture and fashion. There are lectures, tours and parties galore. If that isn’t enough to entice you, Luxe magazine … Continue reading

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Year of the Horse

With the year of the horse looming, I have noticed an uptick in equestrian-themed design ideas circulating on various blogs. While we generally eschew the hunter green and crimson approach to horsey living, we’re not ones to throw the baby … Continue reading

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Gift Picks

We recently went around the office asking everyone what they were lusting after this holiday season. All bets were off, but we asked people to dig deep and think in a purely material way. The wish could not be for … Continue reading

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A Sip to Savor

  As you may have heard, we at Martha Angus aren’t ones to shy away from a little cocktailing every now and then. We’re all drawn to beautiful things (shocker!) and finding the perfect glassware is as essential as what … Continue reading

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Retail Roundup

We love to mix the old with the new and the bespoke with the retail pieces. I asked everyone in my office to chime in with their recent discoveries at retail and here’s what emerged as faves at price points … Continue reading

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The Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard indeed. I have happily set up shop here for the past week absorbing the salty Atlantic air and relishing in the finest that an east coast summer has to offer. Take a whole lot of preppy and add … Continue reading

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Prop Art

Baby, it’s getting hot in here and I could use a dip in the nearest pool. Truly, any body of water will do. I always pack a little WOW (works on whatever) with me in the form of these uber-hip … Continue reading

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The Price Is Right

Welcome to our very own version of the Showcase Showdown. Watch out Bob Barker and babes, we are serving up deep discounts with a luxurious twist. It’s time to find new homes for the inspiring pieces from “Danger Zone.” Imagine … Continue reading

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Shopping Bliss

We at Martha Angus Inc. love to shop. Lucky for us, we live in San Francisco, a city brimming with swoon-worthy home shops. Here’s a sampling of a few of our absolute favorites. Start your journey along the notable Sacramento … Continue reading

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